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General Accessories
#MV12802 - Maverick Ion XT 1/18 RTR Electric Truggy
# MV12802 - Maverick Ion XT 1/18 RTR Electric Truggy
This part is discontinued at HPI UK and replaced by #MV12808

The Ion XT is the perfect little truggy racer that can take the fight straight to the competition! Whether you're a racer or just want to play with something a bit more sporty, the Ion XT is going to be a great choice for fun and speed! The Ion XT is fully equipped with a fast 370-size motor, NiMH battery pack and 2.4GHz transmitter to let you simply plug and play whenever you feel the urge to drive. It's also got a strong 4WD shaft drivetrain, durable suspension parts and 4 oil-filled shocks that give you total control and reliability!

• MSRS-28 2-in-1 ESC/Receiver 2.4GHz
• MBP-28 7.2V 800mAh Ni-MH Battery
• MM-28 370 Motor
• MTX-242 2.4GHz 2Ch Transmitter
• MS-28 Steering servo
• Moulded protective gear cover
• Moulded tub chassis with optimised weight distribution
• 4 oil-filled rebuildable shocks with progressive springs
• Special titanium anodised shock tops
• Fully independent double A-arm wishbone suspension
• Tough C-hub front steering knuckles
• Tough, efficient 4WD shaft drive train
• Fully ballraced drive train
• 4 high-traction multi-block tyres
• Attractive 5 spoke wheels
• Factory-finished pre-cut body
• Front and rear moulded bumpers
• Twin point steering with integrated servo saver